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3 1833 01419 0794 

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By James Atkins Notes, A.B., Ph.B., of Cambridge, Mass. 

[Reprinted from the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register for Jan., 189*.' 


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A photograph of the light-brown stone tablet which covers the 

! remains of Rev. .lames Noyes in the ancient Palmer burying ground 

1 upon :i sloping hill on the east side of Yfequetcquoc Cove, midway 
between Stonington, Connecticut, and Westerly, Rhode Island, is 

I reproduced in fac-simile on the opposite page. 

Rev. James Xoyes was a son of Rev. James Noyes of Newbury, 

! Mass., and grandson of Rev. William Noyes, rector of Cholderton, 
Co. Wilt?., England. He was born in Newbury, Mass., 1 1 March, 
1G39-40; was graduated at Harvard College, 1659; ordained 10 
Sept. L67 1. as tin' first minister of Stonington, Conn. ; married 11 
Sept. 1(174, Dorothy^ daughter of Thomas and Anna (Lord) Stan- 

' ton. Rev. -lames Xoyes was one of the founders of Yale College. 
The photograph was taken in 1889 under the direction oi' Judge 

j Richard A. Wheeler of Stonington, Conn. The tablet was reeut 
before the photograph was taken.* George AY. Marshall. LL.l).. 

; Rouge Croix, Heralds' College, London, says that the only 
Xuy-Noye-Noyes arms recorded are those of William Nov ol 
run-) an, Co. Cornwall, England, who died 1593, and whose grand- 
son was William Xoy, Attorney General to Charles I. These arms 
were granted by Robert Cooke, Clarcncicux, and the blazon is as 
follows :y 

Coat — Azure 3 crosses botouy in bend Argent. 

Crest — On a cliapeau Azure turned up Ermine a dove Argent in the beak 
j an olive branch Vert. 

The epitaph was written by Rev. Eliphalet Adams, Harvard 
College 109-1, who died 1753; pastor in 172(1 of the First Con- 
gregational Church, New London, Conn. The original draft was 
in l.StSS) in tin- Sunday School Library Room of the First Congrega- 
tional Church, Stonington, Conn.} 

Rev. William Noyes, rector of Cholderton, Co. Wilts., Eng. (a 
town 11 miles from Salisbury), matriculated at University College, 

• These aims appear lo be wrongfully assumed by this branch of the family. Also the 
bend here is reversed, a mi-take of the -tone cutter. 

f 'tin- I>!.i/...uinu' differs from that in Vivian's Visitation of Cornwall and Burke's Genera. 1 
Armory ; but i- on r. cord in the Heralds' College, Loudon. 

* /?-/Wvnr«.— Heraldic Journal, Boston, 1866, Vol. II., p. 34. New-Enfrh>.nd Historical 
and Genealogical Ki-a.i- n:u. Vol. XIII., pp. 26-189. Caulkins's History of New London, 
l> nil , |i 1S5. .Wheeler's Lli-f. Fir-l Church, Stoniuu'ton, Conn., p. 'J'.U. Kd. E. Sali- 
Imi v'- l-'nmilv Hist, and Gen., Vol. I., IT. I, pp. xvii., J .J, iia, 31(1, *>!>; Vol. III., supiih 
mem, Pedigree Charts, Lord, V., VI. Siblev's Harvard Graduates, Vol. II., \. -Si. 

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a La 

Oxford, 15 Xov. 1588, 33. 20 years, and was graduated B. A. ."» V 
May, 1592. He married Anne Parker. He died intestate before 
30 April, 1022, when an Inventory was made and widow app. 
adm. 28 May, 1622. (Court of Archdeacon of Saram). She bur. 
at Cholderton, 7 March, 1657, a;. 82 yrs. (per Parish Register). 
Elcr will is at Somerset House, London (Wootton, 130), and nn n- 
tions sons James and Nicholas in New England, Will made 18 
March, 1655, proved 21 April, 1658, at London. 

Their sons, Rev. James and Deacon Nicholas Noyes, in March, 
1G33, embarked for New England in the Mary and John of Lon- 
don, with their cousin Bev. Thomas Parker, and were among the 
settlers of Newbury, .Mass., May, 1635. 

Rev. James Noyes, born in England about 1608; matriculated 
at Brasenose College, Oxford, 22 Aug. 1627, but was not grad- 
uated ; died at Newbury, Mass., 22 Oct. 1656, a-. 48; married 
1633, Sara, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Brown of Southamp- 
ton, Co. Hants, Eng. She died 13 Sept. 1691, at Newbury, 
Mass. His will made 1 7 Oct. 1656, proved 26 Nov. 1656, men- 
tions wife Sara and children, brother Deacon Nicholas Noyes and 
cousin Rev. Thomas Parker. Inventory of estate amounting to 
£657 Us. 4d. Her will made 11 Nov". 1681, proved 29 Sqit. 
1691, Inventory of estate amounted to £1108.* 

The branch of the Noyes family of East 
Mascalls, Co. Sussex, England, represented 
by Thomas Herbert Noyes, 13. A. Ch. Ch. 
Oxford, claim the following arms :j 

i^out — Azure 3 crosses crosslet in bend Ardent. 
Crest — On a chapeau Gules turned up Ermine 
a dove Argent in the beak an olive branch Vert. 

J)r. Marshal] is of the opinion that these 
arms have been wrongfully assumed. 

In the Visitation of Berks at Heralds' Col- 
lege, no arm* are entered with the partial 
pedigree of this family. 

A cut of the arms of Noyes of East Mascalls 
from the Archaeological Collections of Co. 
Sussex, 1857, vol. ix., page 340, is given in the margin. 

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